Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The country that produces half of Rose Oil in the world.

By reading that news it sets off a fragrance to me. I am talking about Bulgaria, the growing tourist destination in Europe today with an estimated 1 million tourists to visit this winter season.

The country that boasts of 150 days of snow every year, Pamporovo is the one of the most sought after skiing destinations in the world. . It is set amongst magnificent pine forests and is primarily visited during the winter for skiing and snowboarding, but is also a popular tourist place in summer. The center of Pamporovo comprises a number of excellent hotels and bars. It is also one of the most southernly skiing resorts in Europe.

With the acceptance of Bulgaria in the European Union recently, Bulgaria has set itself a target of attracting eight million tourists this year, double the level of 2006 and enough to offer a substantial boost to the Bulgaria.

Shrewd investors who are smart to think of long term benefits are already visualizing big profits in bulgaria property because of the housing market in Bulgaria which is experiencing a steady rise in property value.

One more encouraging news for the real estate developers is, the Bulgarian Land Development (BLD) has bought up a development site near Borovets, a popular skiing destination for around £3.4 million.

With the high influx of tourists, the demand for Bulgaria property is expected to rise through out the year 2007.

Hmm…may be I should take a leaf out of my peers and buy myself a little condominium at the picturesque place below(see picture).

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