Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The fourth way to want effectively.

Christopher Westra-the name that has crept into every cell of my blood of late and every fraction of my thought too.

The daily dose of his emails making me richer spiritually everyday. I can't stop admiring his in depth insight on happier ways to lead your life. He must have been a born spiritual leader.

Sometime back I read a comment on one of my blog posts that it lacked originality. So be it.
I love sharing what affected me positively and in fact that is the purpose of creating this blog.

So here it is once more from Westra.

"The fourth way to want effectively is to be happy without it. If you can't be happy without it, you are 'grasping' and desiring in a pressured way that reduces the flow of creation. Being happy is different than being perfectly content. You can be happy while still desiring some things to be better in your life.

Remember the lesson. If you can't be happy without it, you won't
be happy with it anyway. Once you learn the lesson and really become
happy without what you want, then you can certainly have it!

This doesn't just go for happy. Learn to feel what you want to feel
(confident, free, patient, relaxed, abundant) right now, rather than thinking you need things or situations to be otherwise before you can feel that way".

Vow! How very simple!

I am proud to be a light worker.

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