Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An encounter with a Reiki master.

My husband happened to locate a lost friend of his last month. Incidentally, he was instrumental in my marriage.

My husband went off for a week to spend time with his friend after 20 years.

His friend narrated to him how he was able to save his mother with his Reiki skill. His mother displayed all the symptoms of dying in a few hours. My friend started Reiki on her and fell asleep.

When he woke up, he was amazed to his mother briskly preparing herself to cook.

On my husband's request he arranged to meet the Reiki master at his house and my husband immediately liked him and asked for a Reiki initiation for himself.

The master agreed and gave him Reiki diksha and set him off to practice in front of him for the next 5 days.

My husband took an oath that if he happen to develop sufficient power, it will be used solely for the benefit of the society with no monetary benefit.

When my husband came back after his week long trip, I saw his face shining and rather clear.

Just thought I would share this rather personal story.
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