Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Creating one way links.

Press release distribution service by Blogitive has been creating waves in the internet marketing world.

Blogitive.com is a division of USWeb which was founded in 1995. USWeb has offices across the United States and is known for being the most experienced, qualified and professional internet consultants in the world.

USWeb has helped some of the biggest companies in the world by leveraging their extensive industry expertise and broad evolving service offerings. From web development and search engine optimization, to media buying and strategic planning, USWeb has helped companies enter new markets, increase revenue in existing markets, improve their operational performance, and deliver their products and services more effectively across the web.

USWeb Web Strategists are highly trained consultants who know how to make business work on the web.

That is why more and more big companies are engaging the services of Blogitive to increase link popularity of their websites or blogs, enhance their positions in the search engines’ search results and to earn a higher page rank.

Serious webmasters who are sincerely committed in their goals have come to a conclusion that the best way to increase link popularity is through Blogs mainly because blogs naturally are filled with valuable content that the search engines crave and they also naturally link to other websites they talk about within their posts.

If you had a page on your website about roses and you received a link from a Blog post about roses with the anchor text of the link pointing to your website saying
“roses”; you have now received a great quality link.

To me this makes sense.

Now receiving one link from one Blog won’t do much to increase your ranking within Google for the keyword “roses”. You need links from hundreds or even thousands of Blogs with the same concept and then you will see significant improvements in your rankings.

But not every can do it on their own-right?

Blogitive was created for this very purpose. Blogitive has proven to be extremelyeffective in increasing link popularity though their web release distribution.

Please visit Blogitive to learn more about this service and how you can finally achieve the top search engine rankings that you never thought was possible.
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