Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Search and rate.

The Ratingz Network is the place where you can read and post anonymous, independent ratings and reviews of places and services in your community and across the US. Check out our newest sites: Real experiences from real Camp Families Who's watching your Kids? Find the right Club for You! Share your experiences with prescription drugs. You be the Judge! Tell us what's "under the hood" at your local garage! Where the Listeners talk back! Buyers and sellers rate the Real Estate Agents What's on the Menu tonight? Find the best places to eat in U.S. Where the Viewers are the Critics! Who's caring for your Pets? What's in your Wine Glass?

The Ratingz Network is a family of websites dedicated to helping consumers find the best possible businesses, places, and services, by sharing information.

The Ratingz Network is operated by Ratingz Inc, a California corporation. The company was founded by internet entrepreneurs John Swapceinski and Bob Nicholson.
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