Monday, October 16, 2006

Content Links or Text Links-the choice is yours.

Veteran webmasters are aware that it is much easier to get a page rank to their website with text link ads, than get it after optimizing the website which is a must costlier affair.

Also it is a known fact that text links are very popular these days, because you are able to build up the links in a much shorter time. Any word in a blog post can be converted to an html link.

Inblogads serves two types of links;
1: Content links appear in the actual post text of a blog, you choose which keywords to convert to a link.
2: Text links appear in the sidebar of the blog, normally on every page of the blog.

Since these links are direct HTML links surrounded by relevant text, they are ideal for helping with organic search engine listings.

Another great advantage is the low cost. Pay a fixed price per month, without worrying to pay per click.

In summary, can be the best resource for your link building job.
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