Sunday, October 15, 2006

What are your plans for Leavers Ball?

Leavers Ball is how the British call the American Prom event.

If you think you have time to plan for your 2007 prom dresses and gowns, suit yourself then. Famous prom dress designer Nicole Miller is already at work on prom 2007.

I have read in several fashion forums where members have already started showing their 2007 prom gown and shoes pictures.

While some girls have declared that they have chosen a particular design that will enhance their personality, the majority of the community members have expressed their desire to stick to the latest fashion.

In one forum, it is said that this year style is highlighted bodice. An ezine carried the message that designers this season are placing more emphasis on fitted shapes decorated with ornaments.

But seasons change and so are the fashions and tastes. The only way to stay updated is visiting your favorite websites that talk nothing but prom dresses like

Whatever may be your selection, you would want to look absolutely stunning and fabulous on The Day of your life. Let your prom gown be an expression of you in every way you think you are.
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