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Do you used to blame the circumstances?

I used to do that. But I stopped it nearly 8 months ago.
I now fully realize that my present circumstances are my own responsibility simply by imagining or day dreaming about it either consciously or unconsciously.

I create my own destiny by the power of my own thoughts and actions and emotions.

I happen to read a life changing article in another blog that speaks about quantum physics.

I reproduce below a small part of it:

"Quantum Physics begins to explain how everything in your world comes to be. You are in direct manipulation of your entire physical world, but you may not be aware of this fact. And your lack of awareness of this fact, how the physical matter comes about and your role in it, makes your life appear to you as an occurrence that is out of your control. It may appear to you as if you are the victim of circumstances, while all along you are the cause of those circumstances, including your experiencing of wealth or lack of it."

If your curiosity is aroused, then satisfy it now by reading the article fully.

To me, I am a changed person for the better after reading this piece of work. Nothing in this life can ever make me sad, depressed, angry, envious, worried.

Oh my God, I am free, free at last.
I am at peace.

ps: in case if the full blog post is removed.....
Formy own repeated reading, I am giving it below fully.

"Quantum Physics begins to explain how everything in your world comes to be.

You are in direct manipulation of your entire physical world, but you may not be aware of this fact.

And your lack of awareness of this fact, how the physical matter comes about and your role in it, makes your life appear to you as an occurrence that is out of your control. It may appear to you as if you are the victim of circumstances, while all along you are the cause of those circumstances, including your experiencing of wealth or lack of it.

One of the benefits of understanding the very basics of quantum physics (and the basics is all you need to understand) is that you finally see clearly how powerful concepts such as faith and right thinking work, among other things.

This seeing and understanding, this knowing, enables you to have full confidence, eliminate doubt, create your reality consciously, powerfully and beautifully, and in many ways become more powerful.

But first, what is quantum physics? Quantum physics is the study of the building blocks of the universe. For example, your body is made up of cells. These cells are in turn made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which are in turn made up of sub-atomic particles such as electrons. This is the world of quantum physics.

Everything is made up of 'large groups' of sub-atomic particles.
Your body, a tree, thoughts, a vehicle, a planet, light, and everything else are 'concentrations' of energy. All of them are large collections of pretty much the same types of sub-atomic particles. The only difference is in the way these particles are grouped together into ever-larger building blocks.

Knowing how the work is a key to knowing how to re-create yourself and your world around you.

To speak correctly, a sub-atomic particle is not really a particle in the way that a grain of sand is a particle.

While atomic and larger particles are objects, or things, subatomic particles are not objects as such. They are 'probabilities of existence' and at the same time 'multiple existences'. They are also wave-like and particle-like at the same time. You will soon see what all this means by the end of this chapter.

Quantum physics asks the question 'what are these sub-atomic particles and how do they act?' Well, the sub-atomic particles are energy packets sometimes called quanta.

Everything in this universe is made up of energy, and these energy packets behave in the most amazing way! They are at our command!

The reason they would arrange themselves into a luxury boat, for example, is our individual and collective thoughts. Do you now start to see the link between wealth and quantum physics? Up until this point, you may have been designing your world haphazardly and unconsciously. Now you will awaken and do it deliberately and consciously with direction.

Lets begin our journey into the quantum field...

What is your body made of? Tissues and organs. What are tissues and organs made of? Cells. What are cells made of? Molecules. What are molecules made of? Atoms. What are atoms made of? Sub-atomic particles. What are sub-atomic particles made of? Energy? No.

They are not made of energy; they are energy. You are one big 'chunk' of energy.

And so is everything else. Spirit and Mind puts together this energy into the physical shape you are used to seeing.

Quantum physics tells us that it is the act of observing an object that causes it to be there where and how we observe it.

Energy is the sub-atomic particles that in turn make up atoms and finally matter. This energy exists as waves spread out over space and time.

Only when you exercise observation do these waves become particles localized as a space-time event, a particle at a particular 'time' and 'place'. As soon as you withdraw observation, they become a wave again.

So, as you see, your observation, your attention to something, and your intention, literally creates that thing as a space-time event. This is scientific. In other chapters, we shall see how to focus, concentrate, and guard your attention, intention, and thought to create your reality exactly.

No solid object is solid. It is made up of rapidly flashing packets of energy. Billions and trillions of packets of energy. They flash in and flash out of that space where the 'object' is. They do not just stay there.

So, why does a human body or a car look like a solid continuous object when we now know that it is actually a rapidly flashing field of energy? Think of a TV image. When you watch a movie, you see a person walk across the screen smoothly, yet in reality it is just a film reel with 24 slightly different frames a minute so your eyes do not detect the gap between the frames. Even each of those frames is a composition of billions of light photons flashing at the speed of light.

That is what your world is - a rapid flash that causes an illusion of being 'solid' and 'continuous'.

Once you understand what your world is really, truly, you start to understand it's true behavior and nature. You then change your view of it. And with your changed perception, you change your creation of it. This is the first step to wealth.

Every single physicists agrees on one thing: sub-atomic particles, those energy 'packets' or quanta, are not particles in a particular point in space and time, like a table or a chair is, but they are a probability that they can exist at various points in space and time.

The act of us observing them converts them into a 'physical' particle at a particular point in space and time, and once we withdraw that attention, they become a probability again.

Imagine that the chair in your living room is one big sub-atomic particle. This is how it would act: when you are not in the house and not thinking of your chair, it would 'vanish' and become a probability that it can 're-appear' anywhere in your living room or anywhere else in the universe, actually.

When you come back home and you think of sitting on a chair in a particular spot in your living room, and you look for a chair at that spot where you wish to sit, it will magically re-appear! This is not some fantasy magical story. Sub-atomic particles behave just like that!

The amazing thing is that all matter is composed purely of massive amounts of these particles. Therefore, all matter acts exactly like a large group of sub-atomic particle would. A chair's 'being there' is a result of us all watching it being there and deciding it to be there. It is not a wholly independent existence.

No matter is a wholly independent existence - independent of the observer. As some scientists say, if everyone and everything in the universe stopped looking at the moon or thinking about it, it would not be a physical moon any more - it would be a probability of existence.

The act of observation makes the probability become a definite thing and all other probabilities of it being elsewhere in the same world a null existence. Continuous attention keeps it that way, producing the illusion of a solid continuous existence of a physical moon.

Physicists have also discovered that quantum 'particles' make decisions. They are powered by intelligence. Not only that, they also know, instantly, what decisions are being made by other particles anywhere else in the universe!

This synchronicity across space and time is instantaneous - they 'communicate' without taking any time or crossing any space. In fact, they also move instantaneously without having to go across space or take time.

They can get from point A to B without having to cross the space in between, and point A and B can be in different times. Remember that quantum 'particles' are not particles, as you would normally think of a particle. They are not 'things' that are at a particular 'place' and 'time' - they are spread across space and time.

So, what is the intelligence that powers them? Well, it is from the Mind of The Source, God, All That Is, proportionately made up your own 'individual' mind and also the 'individual minds' of the rest of the universe, depending on the subject matter, scope, and strength of will.

Think about all this carefully. Think about the fact that everything your eye can see is made up of these amazing particles, which are under your co-control.

Think about the scientific facts that now prove that you are at cause, or co-cause, for everything around you, that nothing you observe can exist without your observation. All you need to do is choose what you wish to observe, choose it with certainty and consistency, and this will cause the energy field to materialize into that thing over 'time', depending on your clarity, focus and certainty.

Scientists have discovered that even in the strictest double-blind experiments, their expectations still influence results and it is impossible to carry out an experiment where there is zero influence from the observer on the results of the experiment.

This text was extracted from the book A Happy Pocket Full of Money

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I was actually going to write about the whole particle non-existing until being observed subject because Deepak spoke of it too, but thanks to the newsletter, i saved me some time. And did you some good too, i hope.

I'm supposed to write about health and all, the fact that every atom is actually replaced in a year so the reason why people still retain their diseases even though the atoms have changed is?

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