Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You may be prosperous but are you wealthy?

I am never tired of repeating this:
My life slogan: ‘Pass it on; Share.’

So, here again, I am inspired to share with you after I read an article in India times.

Many of us hold wealth and prosperity as synonymous.

But it is not so. Wealth is much more than your bank balance.
It is happiness, peace of mind, a fulfilling relationship.

But we always chase money alone, assuming that it is the ultimate wealth.
Of course, you may amass fortunes, but it won’t make you feel wealthy in the real sense.

We have seen and heard about so many celebrities who have become rich by any standard but at the end of their life, they have become near pauper.

Do you know why?
They have never learnt how to retain their money. They thought that only by hoarding, it can last life long, but it was not to be.
As long as we have the consciousness of hoarding–of taking for ourselves and never allowing the energy to flow through us to others–we block that energy flow; in time, it may cease altogether.

To prove this, read this story:
At last he climbed to the top of the mountain and found the mountain stream which is said to be the elixir of life.
He bottled it, brought it back to his home and never uttered a word about it to anyone in his family.

To last longer, he only took a sip everyday. When he opened the bottle on the seventh day, he found the water had gone stale.

Thought provoking really.

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