Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why birds fearlessly perch on certain persons?

I am sure many of you pondered over the above question.

When you watch pigeons and parrots fly over freely and perch on outstretched hands of some persons, you also might have held out your hand only to watch the birds flutter away from you. You would have felt disappointed-right?

Do you the reason for the birds behavior? Simple, it felt safe, rather it sensed safety. Of course you did not have the least intention to harm the bird but still it shunned away from you.

It simply means, you don’t send out powerful attractor energy-‘The Unconditional love’.

Highly conscious people, who attain a state of total fearlessness, send out higher vibration energy, which animals and birds sense it because they are also attuned to this frequency.

How to attain this state? Simple by not having fearful thoughts.
Thoughts like what will happen tomorrow, how I am going to face the interview, how I am going to present my case, it is getting dark; how will I reach home if it rains, occupies you always.

These are all fearful thoughts which make you not live in the present moment. It is quite natural for all ordinary human beings, but if you have unshakable faith in the creator, fearful thoughts will not find room to enter you.

The worry and fear free, state of mind will be sensed by animals, birds and other human beings also.

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