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One more encounter with quantum physics.

Just to prove how we create our own destiny by our thoughts;

I wanted to read more about quantum physics and within a few hours I was reading another article in the same blog mentioned in my previous post.

I am reproducing it here fully with full credits to its author from Singapore.

"Philosophy lies in your judgment. Or freedom of it.

My friends have been finding me philosophical lately so i think i should just share the some of the things that have been kinda influencing my paradigm of this world. Writing it out can also help me grasp it better.

I've been listening to a lot of Deepak Chopra, and i wish i could write out all the things, but its just so much that i can't really write everything out. I'm also listening to another great man, Wayne Dyer right now, and something just grabbed me. I'm going to quote him word for word.

"When you judge another human being, understand that you do not define them. They're already defined. You define yourself. Your judgement is a definition of you. That's your need to put someone else in a seperate place other than you. You define yourself everytime you judge somebody else. They're just who they are, on their own path. If you could only have love inside of you because thats all you think, and thats all you have to give away with no conditions attached to it, then you'll love those who are different, and even those who wanna do you harm."

We're all guilty of judgment aren't we. I know i am. Judgment is everywhere, its taught, shared and endorsed as if its a virtue. I want to keep these words by Wayne in mind the next time io feel a need to label someone. The stuff that i'm been learning from Deepak and Wayne is phenomenal.

Wayne actually quoted Albert Einstein,

"A human being, is a part of a whole called by us, the universe. A part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and feelings, as something seperated from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of his consciuosness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires, and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task, must be free ourselves, from this prison, by wideing our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty. You'll see it, when you believe it."

Note how he said you see when you believe and not the other way around, which we always hear.Now Deepak, talks about Quantum Physics. Here goes. I'll quote him.

"According to Quantum Field Theorists, all materials things, whther they are automobiles or human bodies or dollar bills, are made up of atoms. These atoms, are made up of sub-atomoic particles. Which in turn, are fluctuations of energy and information in a huge void of energy and information. Without going into details, the basic conclusion of Quantum Field theorists, is that the basic raw material of the world, is that it is non-material. That the essential stuff of the universe, is that it is non-stuff.

All of our technology is based on this fact. This is the climactic overthrow of the superstition of materialsm today. Fax machines, computers, T.Vs, radios, all these technologies are possible because Scientists no longer believe that the atom, which is the basic unit of matter, is a solid entity.

An atom is not a solid entity at all. It is the hierarchy of states of information and energy in a void of all possible states of information and energy. What makes Gold different from lead is the arrangement and quantity of these impulses of information and energy. So it becomes clear. That not only is the essential stuff of the universe non-stuff, but that it is thinking non-stuff.

For what else is a thought, but an impulse of energy and information. We think of thoughts, as only occuring in our head, but that is because we experience them there, as linguistically structured thought, that is verbally elite, and speaks to us in the English language, with an Indian accent. But those same impulses of energy and information that we experience as thoughts, those same impulses, are the raw material of the universe.

The only difference between thoughts inside my head, and those outside my head, is that i experience thoughts inside my head in linguistically structured terms. But before a thought becomes verbal, and is experienced as language, it is just an intention. It is, once again, an impluse of energy and information. In other words, at a pre-verbal level, all of nature speaks the same language. We are all thinking bodies, in a thinking universe."

Deepak spoke about this story an Irish Anthropolsigt told him. He was looking for a certain species of whale to write about in his book. And he was travelling the South sea, and he was having a hard time spotting the whale. One day he mentioned it to the village elders and they said there's a girl here who's 13 years old and she can fetch the whale for him.

So he met her, and they were sitting on the beach, they closed her eyes, and she closed her eyes, and 20 minutes or so later this whale came nearer and nearer and finally beached itself at the feet of this girl. They had to get the whole village to put the whale back into the ocean. Afterwards, he went to this girl and asked her, "What did you do?"

She said, "I went to the place where we all speak the same language, and then i asked it to come." Then this other guy brought her to go fishing with him. She puts her head in the ocean and directs them to find what they were lookign for. So soon he gets really amazed by her ability and couldn't resist himself. He mickicks her and put his head in the water and listened.

He tells her, "I couldn't hear anything." And she tells him, "That's the trick. To hear the silence."

"It is the trick, because otherwise our internal dialogue is so noisy that it interferes with this transformational vortex, this window that we have to the cosmic mind. So its not important to have a postive mind, you know we hear so much about positive thinking. And thats not what we talking about, because a positive mind can be a very stressful mind. I have patients who are exasperatingly positive, so positive that they make me nervous!

Because a positive mind although its better than a negative mind is still a turbulent mind. What we want is a quiet mind.
And when the mind is silent, then one becomes a witness of both the positiive and the negative. And one realizes that both the positive and the negative are the aspects of the same thing. They are poles of opposites that make for a meaningful life.

If there weren't villains there wouldnt be a need for heros. If there wasn't hot, there wouldn't be cold. The whole universe is the lively co-existence of extreme opposites. And we have to quietly somewhere deep inside us, reconcile ourselves, quietly to that co-existence, and then we are at peace.

And we don't say this is good, this bad, this is right, this wrong, we lose the need to judge."

Its nice that i've come to end on the same subject of judgment. It could be a simple example of syncronicity. I'm just not so judgmental on what's true anymore. I don't see the world the same anymore the more i expose myself to the thoughts of the men like Deepak and Wayne. I can't walk through walls yet, though. But hey, why not. I'm just going to walk to my bed, and lose my critical consciousness instead. Gnite."

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