Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What is this Mini tool T for Law of Attraction?

I read about this strange Law of Attraction T-ToolTM and is said to be the single most useful tool for gaining clarity. I know what exactly is the law of attraction and how it works without fail every time someone activates it or practice it.

For that matter, we do it always unconsciously. The resulting negative events perplex us and we wonder what we did to deserve it. We never realize we attracted what we did not want.
If there is one tool or a single exercise to help you attract more of what you want, you would be ready to pay whatever price I ask for-right?  I have helped people to resolve tough financial situations, get jobs abroad etc through simple law of attraction methods.

Ok, how this Law of Attraction T-ToolTM can help you?

The following paragraphs are reproduced from another article not written by me.

1. Pick a subject that you want clarity about or want to feel better about. Be creative in your subject title. Instead of calling it "My Ideal Client" try something like: "Clients I have the most fun working with" or "This type of client knocks my sock off!"

2. Using a blank sheet of paper, draw a large letter "T" on the page. Label the left column, "I don't like..." and the right column, "I do like..."

3. Begin on the left side, by asking yourself:  What don't I like in regard to this subject? Think of as may things as you can. Don't stop at two or three--aim for 20 items or more. This will remove low frequency vibrations that slow down or block you from receiving what you DO like.

4. Now, take each item and ask yourself, "If I don't like this, what DO I like?" And write your answer using the BEST words you can find.

Here is a true case study involving The Mini T-ToolTM:
Recently, I was working with a student who is in the midst of a career change. One item in her "I don't like..." column was: "A crazy boss." I let her continue to tell me about other things she did not like or want in her new job, and then I asked her to explain what a "crazy boss" looks like--I was picturing someone wearing a white lab coat with wild hair sticking out in every direction and wide eyes popping out of their face. She said, "A 'crazy boss' is someone who doesn't let you do what he asks you to do. Someone who is looking over your shoulder every minute and micromanages your assignment."

I thought to myself, "This isn't what I pictured!" So we did a little T-ToolTM on what she didn't like and did like in a supervisor. When we finished, she said, "Whew! I knew I was going to attract a 'crazy boss' if I kept thinking about it, now I know what I DO want in a boss and I can keep my attention on THAT."

Take a look at your T-ToolTM. Is there something in either column that is too general or could be interpreted in different ways?  If your terminology is confusing to someone else, the Law of Attraction will be confused too. Ask yourself, "Is this specific enough?"  And see if you can do a Mini T-ToolTM. Doing several Minis will give you even MORE clarity.

I searched the web for this T-ToolTM. No! There is no further information; no more than what you read above.

May be I should develop such a tool for activating law of attraction positively even by non-believers’.
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Salina Gomez said...

Although I have not heard of this Mini tool T for LOA, I did like the points that you had in your article - this is similar to some therapy methods used for helping people with depression - proved to be just as powerful as the medication that they take. The task is to state your belief (eg. I will always be poor) - write down all the supporting arguments to your belief, then write down all the supporting arguments that disprove your belief..

Thanks for sharing..

Salina Gomez