Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is it really possible to attract women using auto suggestion?

If there is one thing that comes naturally to human beings in the field of self improvement, it is ‘self suggestion’. We do it almost constantly but we really are not conscious of it. Ah, there it is. If only we are conscious of our ceaseless self talk, we can convert that habit to attract or manifest whatever we want.

 I am writing about this particular topic because, I recently read an interesting article titled, “how to attract women using self suggestion”. I am sure this particular subject would attract millions of readers irrespective of their ages-right?

So, is it really possible to attract women using auto suggestion?

  I suppose it is possible or for that matter, you can use this self suggestion to:

1.   Win job interviews

2.   Get an event ticket that is in high demand

I will let you write your own points as you deem fit.

Self suggestion is a two faced coin; it has positive as well as the negative power. We must learn to see only one side of the coin. It requires a bit of guidance and lots and lots of practice.

Remember, self suggestion or auto suggestion is a proven science.

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