Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why you should Heal Your Energy?

Read the title again: “Why you should Heal Your Energy?”

This implies that your (mine too) energy is impaired and that is why it requires repair. Since energy is not a physical substance, it needs your own spiritual effort to set it right.

It is definitely debatable that with all the modern medical treatments out there, why a person would turn to energy healing when they are ill. I am not going to put forward my argument for energy healing. It works only for those who believe in natural healing methods.

Our energy can be singularly classified as emotional energy. Our mind is the sole component that is responsible for our happiness and sorrows.

There are different forms of spiritual energies that can heal our inner energy. Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki are considered known methods of healing the impaired energy. It is sad that ill people try energy healing as the last resort.

Since our entire body is made up of single energy, even a slightest abnormality in it would cause illness in the body. Once when that happens, our natural focus on the illness would aggravate it. If the basic energy is healed through various energy healing methods, our illness disappears miraculously without the aid of any medicine or herbal product.

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