Thursday, February 23, 2012

See how you resist the law of attraction.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction means Ask and you shall receive. I think most of the religions agree with this principle though not all of them actively preach this. All the famous spirituality writers like Dr.Wayne Dyer explains in simple ways what is this law of attraction, why it is the fundamental law of universe and how to practice this law to manifest whatever you desire.

The reason why the law of attraction is not working at all the times is, you resist receiving it, consciously or unconsciously.

The LOA should not fail and won’t fail. Similar to the Law of Gravity that always pulls, the Law of Attraction always works with equal mathematical precision; it delivers people, situations and opportunities if we put them to it through thoughts mixed compulsorily with feelings and emotions.

Why we resist what we ask for?

Still, we resist what we ask for through prayers. Why? We don’t seem to say it in words!

We doubt! We are skeptic about the positive outcome of our prayers which is the real resistance shown by us.

We day dream about getting new car, more bank balance, new job, new house or new relationship that we want to enjoy. Without any external force, we begin to entertain thoughts that appear to justify our doubts. We dishonor our own check.

Here are some of the doubts.

· * I doubt they will hire me.

* · * I doubt I can afford it.

** * I doubt I can find someone who loves and accepts me

NoNow, you know the reason for the failure of law of attraction. Actually, it has not failed. It still delivered what it was asked for; only you changed your desire.

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