Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Feng Shui suggestions for bed room.

I personally know several feng shui believers implementing feng shui suggestions in living room only. I wonder why they are ignoring other areas in their home that include bedrooms and bathrooms.

I assume you are already aware of feng shui and its role in flooding your home/office with positive cosmic energies. Feng Shui is native to China. The Chinese discovered how a few objects placed in certain positions in a building attracted cosmic forces that bring about drastic positive impact on the inhabitants of the building.

Now, people all over the world have realized the usefulness of this spiritual energy product that enriches living environment with healing energy and mental peace. Feng Shui practice one which draws the life energies from the basic five elements of nature which are air, water, earth, fire and space.

Feng Shui concept is centered on a belief that all types of cosmic energies on the earth fall in two opposite categories, yin and yang.

Feng shui for bedroom:

Place your bed away from the door and ensure that your bed is not facing the door. This is called ‘command position’ in feng shui. In this position, you would receive the full benefit the life energy known as ‘Chi’ that enters and flows through your bedroom.

Place your bed against the wall at the far end of your bedroom.

Another important feng shui suggestion that I have implemented and benefited from is to remove my computer from my bedroom which I have been using as a work station as well.

The reason behind this Feng Shui tip is that the energy of computer (work) and that of rest (bed) are opposite to each other and are therefore incompatible to each other.

The bedroom windows should not be behind your bed but only to the right side of it.

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