Saturday, November 26, 2011

What stands betwwen you and your happiness?

What is that which stands between your present very humanly state of mind and the ultimate happiness that sages and rishis call it bliss?

It your consciousness! Everything centers around your present consciousness of what think you are and how you take life situations.

Invariably our conscious is at very low frequency which is the prime reason for our sullen and gloomy mood. If you care to recall the times of your happiness and your actions on those very specific moments, you would realise that your were vibrating at a very high frequency-the vibrating frequency of God and sages.

Here are 4 best ways to raise your consciousness:

1. Stop judging others. Judging people that matter to your life puts you in a negative emotion and that is not a happy state of mind. Allow others to differ from you.

2. Live by your emotions. Listening to your inner voice and acting accordingly is the best way to live a guilt free life. A guilt free life is a life of ultimate freedom.

3. Gratitude is the highest virtue, a guaranteed certificate of life full of things that you appreciate and would always. When you say thanks to something or someone that made you receive something valuable, you are very likely to receive or experience the same repeatedly. As they rightly said, what you appreciate, appreciates you.

4. Forgiveness is another Godly quality that we must all practice always. This is again a sure fire way to make you feel free-free from guilt and sulking. It not only means forgiving others but forgiving you which is absolutely necessary to love yourself and others.

Living a guiltless life is like living a life of ultimate freedom. And freedom is pure bliss!

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