Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to get rid of the fear of lacking.

Worldwide, in every religion (there may be exceptions), it is a common practice to ask for something when people sit in front of God to pray. It is how we were all taught and it is in our blood to ask for money, job, house, car, travel, dress, gold and what not?

Sometimes we do get what we have asked for but not always! Agreed?

What does this mean?
*Have we not been sincere in our prayer?
*When we asked for something, have we felt in all honesty that we really never needed it?
*Have we felt wrong to have asked for something immediately after asking?
*Have we secretly held on to a belief that we may not get what we asked for?

While all the above reasons might be true, there is another reason which is not generally recognized by us. God knows what to give to us and what not give to us. So, it is never needed to pray for something. God will always take of his children whether you love him or not; whether you pray or not.

If only this truth sinks in every one of us, we can easily get rid of the fear of lacking.
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