Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What legal action can victims of Actos take?

The moment one is diagnosed as having diabetes, it implies with any ambiguity, a door has been wide opened to allow all possible diseases to enter. Yes, it is that much complex diabetes is.

Neither a diabetic patient nor the diabetalogist that treats him can say with conviction, “I know all about diabetes”. If it is refuted, how else an approved diabetes medicine such as Actos can bring about damage to the bladder?

I gained valuable insights from an actos law firm about how an approved medicine still causes harmful side effects, what should have been the warnings from the manufacturers of any medicine and what legal action can victims of medicines such as Actos take etc.

It is advisable to contact Watts Guerra Craft LLP if your bladder is seriously damaged to the extent of cancer after taking Actos for a long duration.

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