Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Curtailing temper is like a penance, don't break it.

I read an article in ( in which a sentence goes like this:"It is healthy to allow ourselves to step outside of our nice postures and exhibit the "not-so-nice" side of our personalities now and again ".

I certainly don't agree with the author of this article though I know I have to allow others to differ from me. It is obvious that someone doesn't fully realize the power of good feeling. Venting badly is an act of self sabotage.

Curtailing temper is like a penance. Those who practice this character is on his way to gain Godly qualities. Only such people know how they will feel when they happen to break their penance just because they read somewhere that it is alright to behave a like a normal human being.

It is totally against the true nature of the soul in our body.
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