Friday, August 05, 2011

Problems are just myth; there are no problems.

"In two days time, I must complete the near impossible task; else, I may lose my job".
" By next Saturday, I must deposit $210 in my credit card account; else, I will be in problem".
" I must say yes or no to my girl friend's deadline; else, I must face the inevitable".

Well, of course the list can go on and fill as many as 1000 pages of A4 size paper if we take a survey even in a small town.

Can you please re-read the questions?

Now, I am going to assume that you told me all the above problems. So, put yourself in that position.

My question is this:
"The problems my dear, can you tell me where are they exactly?
Are they:
* in you?
* in the cupboard?
* in the car?
* out on the street?
* hanging from a tree?
* in your girl friend?
* with your credit card issuer?

Tough for you to answer-eh?

The fact is, as you are saying your problems, they are all in your mind only. And whatever is in the mind only means it is not yet true physically, not yet happened physically. They are still in your imagination, your own mental projection.

The fundamental law of Universe functions in this way: "whatever is accepted in your mind, will happen in your physical life experience."

So, why not project them differently in a way you want them to happen?

To free your mind from the so called problems, just replace your mind with different thoughts that are pleasant and that give you immediate relief.

Do you catch my point?

For example, as I am writing this article, I foresee only appreciation and I refuse to entertain other thoughts. In fact, thoughts of negative reactions have stopped entering my mind. I know this blog post will make sense to those it is supposed to bring sense and for the rest; it won't make any difference.

Again, do you catch my point?
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