Sunday, May 15, 2011

The sound of silence!

Definitely we don’t like silence though we hear all the time, “I want silence”. This is a big lie without realizing it so. I too fall into this category.

In truth, we are all afraid of silence. Ever since we came out of the silence of womb, we are surrounded by noise, we feed on noise, we talk while eating, we work surrounded by cacophony, we listen to noise, we sleep with noise. We just can’t seem to survive without one noise or other but we, at times feel that it is too much noise out there.

Ok, we shut up ourselves in sound proof rooms for a brief period to really stay away from noise.

However, do we?

When the outer noise stops reaching our ears, we immediately start the inner noise engine by talking to self, thinking about our past, day dreaming about our future, imagining street fights, catastrophes and rehearsing what we would do bravely to encounter attempts of abuse, theft and so on and on…!

No! We don’t want silence! We can't endure the sound of silence!Till we die…

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Kamala said...

Very profound thoughts!I believe the very meaning of life is hidden behind the question,'Why do we actually seek noise?'Can you figure that out???!!!! Kamala

Malathy said...

We are afraid of the silence of loneliness Kamala.

Kamala said...

Yes-but dig deeper!!Kamala