Sunday, April 17, 2011

What an Astral Ultrasonic can do for you?

Astral Ultrasonic-definitely a word that don't inspire you to know more about-eh?

I happen to come across this rather high sounding (we all associate this feeling whenever we read the word 'Astral'-right?) word in an email newsletter. I like to read anything related to spirituality, cosmic energies, personal powers, latent potential etc.

After I read the article on Astral Ultrasonic, I realized it is nothing more than the most talked about breathing exercise that we all know as "Pranayama". This involves learning to control our breathing while chanting the "OM".

We inhale and exhale at a frequency which depends on our mental and physical status. Through Pranayama, we learn to breathe at a much less frequency which will prolong our life and keep our mental and physical condition in an enviable state.
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