Friday, April 22, 2011

What you should know about Cognitive Psychology.

Cognitive Psychology-I don't think we should brush it off as something we are not remotely concerned. On the contrary, I firmly believe every parent and every teacher should at least know the very basics of Cognitive Psychology in order to recognize the lacuna in their children and students who are more vulnerable to psychological disturbances.

Cognitive Psychology-what does it deal with?
This interesting branch of psychology deals with our various mental activities that include how we think, perceive data and process them, storing of information and retrieving it at the right moment and so on.remember and learn.

The difference between Cognitive psychology and Behaviorism.
Behaviorism studies the noticeable and obvious changes in any one whereas cognitive psychology is to with mental processing activities that are visible to us.

Cognitive Psychology is applied in schools and colleges especially in management studies, industrial and big corporate houses where decision making is considered as very crucial to the company's and individual's growth.

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