Friday, April 08, 2011

Want a rewarding career as a life coach?

As a business coach, ZoeLena has brought posit...Image via Wikipedia Christopher Westra is absolutely right when he said that the highest paid profession today is life coaching.

In other words, those who do:
* Psychological counseling
* Spiritual development teachingLink
* Energy healing
* Remote healing
* Coaching you to attract anything you want in life

are making more than $300 per hour. Oh, I am not speaking about those who offer the same services at or similar web sites.

Life coaches are employed by:
* Celebrities
* Big corporates
* Sports teams

These life coaches' main job is to bring astonishing positive changes in the lives of individuals and companies.

So, how about becoming a life coach? Would like to become a life coach by learning through a step-by-step video series.

Visit this web page if you answer yes:

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