Monday, March 14, 2011

Our current feelings is the biggest indicator.

You might have just read your country won a major cup in sports.
You are informed that a blog post you published entered the DIGG home page.
You just received heartfelt appreciation for the meal you cooked for your family.
You are receiving several calls on your mobile thanking you for the great company you gave on the party yesterday.
Your colleagues treat you with smile respect suddenly.

If you analyse the causes for all the good things as above you and all other good things that are not listed above, you will realize that:
Every good feeling,
Every positive creation,
All our abundance,
Health and vitality

are all dependent upon the way you are feeling right now. Please ponder over this point deeply.

Whenever you feel blissfully happy, look at the surroundings. Look at the faces that are near you. Watch and record your actions. You will clearly see that because your happy now, you took positive actions, forgave someone or some incident, smiled at a stranger, gave place to an elderly in the queue, offered to carry shopping bags to someone and many more positive actions.

Thank you Dr.Wayne Dyer to have inspired me to write this blog post. You are an Angel with fantastic wisdom.
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