Monday, March 07, 2011

Action Vs reaction and its results.

Knee jerk reaction as it is called will mostly end up in facing dire consequences and there are no exceptions.

We all emote continuously and these are clear social parameters to as who we are and what we value. Surprisingly, our behaviors when we react also indicates our level self esteem.

Invariably, we react emotionally to what we hear about us, generally. Oh yes, we react when we watch others' actions too. Have you ever noticed that our reactions are based mostly on our inner emotions like fear that we carry to our grave?

It is the fear of different sense: it is the fear of rejection. We simply are not anymore capable of permitting others to differ from us. We want the entire world population to agree with our values.

Behavioral scientists say that this fear is the sole indicator of our low self esteem.

We should not react but act with composure. It is absolutely not necessary to react immediately in a negative way that hurts others.

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