Monday, January 03, 2011

Do we have to heal our energy?

If someone says to you that you have to heal your internal or spiritual energies in order to cure your physical or mental abnormalities, you are likely to ask why?

Let us ponder over some of the salient points:
If we are all made up of pure energy, then it is quite alright to assume that if one of the energy is not in balance, then, we need to do something to rectify the imbalance-right?

The fundamental five energies of this universe are space, fire, water, air and earth. Our body is madde of these five elements aka energies.

Our emotions, reactions to events and circumstances lead to non-alignment of the energies which results mostly in physical ailments.

If you ask why in the first place these five elements are disturbed with our emotions and feelings, please be aware that these five basic energies have certian qualities. They emit their own vibrations.

Our emotions which are invariably negative and destructive are not in agreement with these five energies that are naturally positive, constructive and creative.

Simple Example:
Fire can be used to cook, make us warm but also can be misused to destroy forests, building etc.

Electricity can light our homes but can also kill if wrongly used.

Do I need to say more?

Finally, you may ask how to heal the repaired energy?
All the popular alternate healing methods like reiki, pranic, tantric can straighten our natural spiritual energies we are made of.
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