Friday, December 24, 2010

The software that gets whatever you want.

Since I launched this blog in 2006, I wrote several blog posts on how to remove fear using various spiritual tools that include various brainwave entrainment, emotional freedom technique aka EFT, sound therapy, affirmations and NLP.

Then I branched off into way to attract whatever you desire through visualization, dream board and dream programming. As I delved on these spiritual energy topics, I happen to read a handful of books on attracting our dream home, ideal partner, exotic vacations and a fat bank balance through vision board, the most effective tool to manifest whatever we want.

Vision Board is the creation of a genius. Using this vision board doesn't involve anything an ordinary man hates to see desired results. There is no need to keep memorizing positive affirmations, no need to meditate or indulge in charity to attract money.

With vision board we actually do a positive brain washing, a sort of reprogramming our subconscious mind and erasing the firmly entrenched negative and limiting beliefs.

It enables you to visualize your dreams and desires in unique and dynamic ways on your computer screen, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, photo frame, on your office wall, personal website and so on, using your personal dream images, affirmations and your chosen audio.

Get your copy of VBS right now!

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