Sunday, December 05, 2010

Can sell your gold at a higher rate?

Yeah, it is easy to buy gold coins but is it equally easy to sell them without any hassles?

I believe there is a little of legwork required when you have decided to sell your precious metals collection. Buying them is easy these days. You sit in front of your computer, visit the web site of the United States Gold Bureau, browse through the catalog and take possession of shining new gold or silver coin in perfect mint condition.

However, selling them requires you to first get them appraised. You really do not need to hunt for professional gold appraisers. Just walk into your nearest bank, approach the loan officer under the pretext of pledging your gold. He will do the rest courteously.

The value won’t differ from bank to bank. Only the exchange rate might differ. If you want a higher rate than the bank, approach a goldsmith and you can strike a real deal.

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