Monday, September 27, 2010

There is no money up in the heaven.

That is what we all have believed: "One day, money will start pouring on me from the sky". Let me tell you there is no money up in the sky.

Then, where is the money?

First, stop asking these two questions:
1. Where is the money?
2. When it will come?

Both of them will keep your focus on the lack of money. Your subconscious mind knows exactly where is the money. Your first question is answered.

Now to the second question: "When?"

The answer: "Whenever you are ready"

Yes, I know you will say that you are always ready for money but you are not, in the true sense.

Money will be happy to reach people who are wealth conscious.

I know you would want me to explain how to develop wealth consciousness when you have no money to pay off your debt.

* Firmly believe that you will earn money.
* Don't daydream of getting a huge sum by lottery or by other means.
* When you don't have enough money to pay your debt, don't wish for unrealistic sum of money.
* Don't forever believe that money spent means money gone. Believe that when you spend money, more will come in.
* Stop envying rich persons.
* You are ready to receive money when you think of helping people once you have enough money.

Always help out people with money-however little you can give. This act of kindness will be reciprocated many fold by the law of universe. Don't be skeptic over this law. Believe it as you would believe electricity and aeroplane.
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Murali Krishnan said...

+1 to that. I too strongly believe that what you give returns to you manifold. This is the law of the God. Regarding people envying rich people, I generally see people assume that people rich than themselves to have acquired them in dubious ways. These people do not understand the ruthless hard work behind the riches and not all rich people are crooks