Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gold, copper and platinum trading.

When I taught the nuances of bullion market to my niece a few years ago, I did not imagine that I would learn something more about trading in gold from her one day.

She migrated to London after marriage. There, she had taken a professional gold trading course and now works at home as a part time commodities trader.

She is now in Madras for a holiday. When I met her last week, she passed on such information on gold trading, gold coins and gold bars that I realized my mouth was agape.

Below are two samples of data:

There are hundreds of manufacturers who make 400-ounce gold bars; however only 55 of them are accepted internationally as London Good Delivery.

The minimum purity of gold bars accepted by London Good Delivery should be 99.5%

Tomorrow, I am taking a two-hour session from my London based niece on trading in copper and platinum.

Image source:

Image of 400 ounce gold bar taken from Google images.

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