Saturday, August 28, 2010

An encounter with a medium.

Ever since I realized the full realities of mediums since I was 7 years old, I was fascinated with the subject but never had the opportunity to have personal encounter with mediums.

In India, the word medium is frequently used whereas, in wester countries, the word 'angel' is used. But in the most of the books on spiritual powers, mediums are referred as 'guardian angels'.

I have a strong belief in guardian angels that accompany every individuals on birth. Their purpose is to guide you through your life as per the basic nature of soul which is nothing but unconditional love.

Recently, I met an old friend of mine who is used as a medium by a Siddhar. The medium spoke about his personal life purpose and how it going to be revealed and who are all the people that is going to help him to achieve his life purpose.

I was fascinated by the transformation of my friend when he was taken over by the late Siddhar. In addition, my friend is gifted with some healing powers by the enlightened soul of Siddhar.

I received the benefits of his healing powers.

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