Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins are my all time favorite. Generally, I buy gold and never take possession. I buy virtual gold online in commodities market and invariably did not have to hold it for long to realize profit.

After my brother showed two of his Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins, I fell for them. They were simply beautiful, an absolute sign of wealth. Ultimately, your gold possession is the only wealth that gives confidence.

Next week, there is going to be an important religious function in my house. I am thinking of buying three Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins from the U.S Gold Bureau.

They have this 10 coins minimum order rule. Though I don’t like this strange condition, I want to buy only from them as they have been recommended to me by several of my relatives.

My two sisters came forward willingly to pay for the rest of the seven gold coins. I hope the U.S. Gold Bureau ship the package promptly.

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