Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do psychic mediums use tarot cards?

Have you had any experience with tarot card reading? I have been procrastinating my decision to engage a professional tarot card reader. I wonder what does the whole procedure involve!

I believe tarot card readers do some sort of future predictions-am I right? I suppose it is similar to the one that is widely seen in India where people use parrots to pick up a card from a bunch of cards and read what the card says.

I gathered some tidbits about tarot cards. It seems there are several types of tarot card decks. I don't know which one to choose when I engage a professional tarot card reader.

I have another doubt. Do the so-called psychic mediums use tarot cards to predict the future? I am going to look for some free e-book on tarot cards, their meanings and how they should be used.

I welcome your suggestions.

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Sky Snowy Owl said...

Psychic Mediums that have come a long way from childhood that able them to sense and see spirits, don't need Tarot to do readings. However, those that develop late in life, which is in the vast majority, they started using tool of divination, as Tarot, pendulums etc.

I know Psychic Mediums that can do the readings without cards despite they keep a deck in their pocket for just in case they can't connect. Others use the Tarot as flash cards during a reading (Intuitive readers).

Its just simple, Tarot is a tool that helps to tap on Universal knowledge or what others call "intuition". :)