Monday, June 14, 2010

Why we all do righteous deeds?

Beliefs are what make people. Try to figure and think it out. You do the things you do because of your belief in something.

You are doing good and righteous things probably not because you would want to get to heaven when you die, but because you believe that doing so would set out a good example to others so you could collectively build a good and righteous society and community.

Physical beliefs
There is what is called by experts as physical beliefs. These beliefs are characterized by faith and beliefs in things that could lead to material gains and benefits.
Also, physical beliefs are sometimes called theories in the scientific world. For example, scientists believe that there is a tenth planet in the solar system. That belief can prove over time, and the possibility is far greater.

Mental beliefs
There are beliefs which are more on the mental or abstract aspects. Blind faith is one of them
For example, people keep on believing that there is heaven and hell. They also believe that there is one God who created everything living and non living in the universe.

But no one could sanely claim that he or she has actually seen God. But still, people still keep on believing. That is blind faith, because even if there is a greater possibility that there actually is no God, people blindly believes that there is.

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