Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to listen to your INNER VOICE ?

W are all searching for God everywhere. We desperately need someone to guide us in our daily actions.

But we fail to take notice of one such fail proof guide that is gifted to us by our creator. It is our INNER VOICE that keeps warning us when don't do ethical and moral deeds.

In Tamil, this inner voice is called 'Manasatchi'. In English, it is known as 'consciousness'.

When we go against the inner voice, it sends a vibration that disturbs us mentally. We know that we have done something that is not approved by our creator. We ignore his guidance through our inner voice.

Many celebrities mentioned inner voice helped them at crucial times.
* Princess Diana said she listened to her intuition.
* Oprah Winfrey owes her inner voice to her success.

How to listen to your INNER VOICE ?

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