Friday, May 28, 2010

In 17 seconds... you can create.

A thought seeks it physical expression when it is given life for a minimum of 17 seconds. So, there is ample time for all of us to stop ourselves in the middle of thinking a negative/destructive thought and immediately replace it with a positive thought.

If you old on to your positive thoughts for just 17 seconds, then nature takes it course and see to it that you return back to your same positive thoughts, add color, more meaning and details so much so that you start visualizing the outcome of the thought.

Similarly, 17 seconds negative thoughts will bring you exactly what you are thinking. So, there is ample time for all of us to catch our negative mood and change to positive ways.

Someone asked me how to find out whether we are thinking positively or negatively. The answer is simple; very simple really. If you feel happy while thinking, then you are on a positive note. But negative thoughts, though might give satisfaction when we are in a sullen or sadistic mood, the after effects will leave a residue of unpleasantness in our heart.

This is a very clear indication of our nature of emotions.
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