Friday, May 21, 2010

I don’t want gold bullion.

For the 25th wedding anniversary, I requested my husband not to buy gold bullion like everybody else. He was surprised. To tell you the truth, he looked relieved.

He asked me what else I wanted. I expressed my wish for a set of rare platinum coins that only a very few in the world possessed. You can very well imagine the look on his face.

He then asked me what I know of the rare platinum coins and from where I got the information.

“Well, the entire world knows about the plunge in platinum price, aren’t you aware of it”-I asked. He pretended innocence. I know that he too reads the newsletter “Gold Monitor’ issued by the U.S. Gold Bureau, America’s top rated resource for precious metals market. There is a mention of the rare set of platinum coins in the newsletter.

My husband gave in but only to a handful of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs.
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