Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to be happy even before something good happened?

If you catch yourself forlorn and worried (yes, you must be aware of your present mood), ask yourself just this one question: "Am I thing about the outcome/result of something"?

Invariably, man's prime of cause of worry is what is going to happen-right? If your answer is 'yes', then, you will notice that you will be contemplating all sorts of negative results of your recent action which may be your conversation with your immediate family or co-workers in your office, your recent purchase of a gadget or a book etc.

Once you notice the nature of your contemplation, stop and ask yourself why you are thinking on the negative directions. This will reveal to you many things. Mostly, you will find yourself holding on to something that had happened in your past that ended up negatively and you firmly believe that the same thing will happen again.

Why? Why it should repeat? There is no such law of universe that things will happen the same way for any given issue!

Realize and accept this fact and you will catch yourself thinking on positive results. Immediately, your mood will perk up and cheer will return to you.

See, even before something good happened, you are happy! So, it is all in your way of thinking. Thinking positive itself will make you happy. Why not think positive!
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Molly said...

That's some great, practical, easy to follow advice that works! Thanks for that. We can all use those little reminders. =)

You know, I was recently introduced to Beneficial Law of Attraction by Hope Bradford, and I think that's why your post rang so true to me. It's a little bit of a different approach to the LOA from the words of the Goddess Kuan Yin. I highly recommend it because it's chock full of info on raising our vibrations and why and how our feelings affect our manifestations. I really think you'd enjoy it and be able to glean a lot from it. =)

Well, thanks again for the post. You brought some sunshine to my day. =)

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Malathy said...

I have completed your survey.
Nice to know you.

Malathy said...

Thanks Molly.
I will look into the link you are recommending.