Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simple ways to attain inner peace.

Inner Peace means, as the name suggests, there are no external factors to feel at peace and there is no such thing as external peace.

What we call as world turmoil, lack of peace around us is nothing but lack of peace with in us. Where is peace located? Do we find them in stones, water or trees? There is no such thing as 'peace' in inanimate things! After all, don't we say, "Peace of mind"? We don't say 'peace of body'!

So, how to be at peace at any given time? How to attain peace of mind?
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Sherry said...

I enjoyed your post and believe that we are evolving in a direction where more people find the are capable of true compassion and inner peace. Being lazy is a good tool. We do have to come from a place of understanding that peace is something that comes from within not from without. I just wrote a post called “Peace” and would love your feedback. Namaste, Sherry

Malathy said...

Thanks for your feedback Sherry. I read your article on Peace and I find that we speak on similar terms. I am now following your blog. I can't afford to miss your blog posts.