Saturday, March 20, 2010

Law of attraction is useless.

Law of attraction is useless for all if they don't understand some basic laws of Universe. We are given the power to attract what we want but we should ask ourselves whether we are ready to handle the material that we ask for.

A teenage boy if asks for a million dollars after studying a few books on law of attraction will just say that: "Law of attraction is useless".

The cosmic forces that answers our prayers evaluate our strength to handle a situation or a material before it gives what we ask for. We should be spiritually ready to receive anything we ask for.

I could explain what is meant by 'spiritually ready' for 15 minutes but let me point out a few fundamental aspect.

* If we ask for money, we should have real purpose for it. It should be spent judiciously and for the betterment of our community.
* If we ask for a better job, we should be already doing justification for the present job.
* If we ask for a new location to move, we should be living already with the nature without condemning the vagaries of seasons.

Have I made my point?

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GeorginaShenton said...

I totally agree. I am a huge believer of positive thinking for like 2 years now. The concept and lifestyle was introduced to me by a good friend. Right now I am living the life I have always visualized.

Stay happy ^__^

Balu said...

if we ask for attraction to god we should be prepared to look inwards into our mind? is it not so???????