Saturday, February 13, 2010

Using subconscious mind to find lost items.

"Using subconscious mind to find lost items?"-are you sure you have written it correctly? It should read "misplaced items' instead of lost items"-my husband corrected me thus.

So, it is, "Using subconscious mind to find misplaced items".

But then, is it possible to use your subconscious mind to locate the misplaced items? "Yes" says Sanmay Patel in his blog. (

You can either read it in his blog or read my own very simple technique to find misplaced items.
For this, you must have belief in something super natural. I look upon "The Mother" (see photo) .

Before starting to search my frequently misplaced item (it should read 'items' as I misplace almost everything daily-(Smile)), I seek the assistance of 'The Mother' and she has so far helped me every time to find it.

See, no subconscious mind power is used. Instead, I used the mind power of a different person.

Pray dear, pray. It is answered always, without fail.

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Rajagopalan said...

I know about Mother's healing touch. This is something new! We depend heavily on Araikkasamman for to find misplaced items. A piece of jaggery is the offering for this deity for the help rendered!

Mano said...


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