Monday, February 08, 2010

How to use mirror to power your mind.

Not that I am ashamed of my rather not very good looks but still, I don't look at the mirror more than once a day. Immediately after a shower in the morning I stand before the mirror to dress up. That's all.

Recently I happen to go to a counseling session along with one of my students who sought psychological help to overcome her fear of driving a car.

The counselor didn't take long. He advised a simple technique called 'mirror technique' to overcome the fear and boost the self confidence.

He asked my student to stand before a mirror and affirm her intention of driving a car fearlessly on a crowded road. He insisted that she take a few deep breaths before saying out the affirmation aloud.

Any feedback on this technique friends?

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Greg said...

Ain't it amazing, how the power of the brain can work. Mind power techniques have been made available since the start of time. Thanks for sharing

Bonnidette said...

self affirmations can be very powerful. When adding the mirror effect so that you can see yourself affirming your confidence it tends to magnify the process. What I didn't see in your post is that it takes some time.

Affirmations do work and they are powerful, but it some cases it can take up to 30 days to start seeing the real results. I just wanted your student to know this so they don't get discouraged if it doesn't help right away. It takes time just like anything else. She did not develope this fear overnight and she will not banish this fear over night.

Malathy said...

Thank you Bonnidette. It is very kind of you to read the blog entry and leave your comment.