Saturday, January 16, 2010

How big is the universe?

I remember reading this interesting piece of conversation between a man and the God:
Man: See, we don't need you any more. We have technology with which we can grow a 100 foot oak tree in 24 hours!
God: Is it so? Tell me briefly.
Man: We plant the seed in the soil, pour a tea spoon of water, apply the technology and bang! You see the 100ft tree the next day. Then the man started digging the soil.
God: Wait! Do it in your own soil.

Got the point?

We, on our own cannot animate a single grain of sand. Who we are after all when we watch this superb video clip?

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Balu said...

an excellent post and the video show is very gud. i would like to ask the man wether technology can create human beings or stop deaths

surjit said...

A wonderful inspirational post.Video,too, is excellent.
god bless.