Monday, August 10, 2009

Too much of intelligence will induce starting problem.

One of my friends is famous-hmm... rather notorious in procrastination. For example, he started learning computer from me 3 years ago and he attended just 4 classes in the last three years. Now he stashed away his computer and contemplating appoint a remote computer operator on his behalf.

He is the typical example of "Paralysis due to Analysis". He has this elf image of an intellectual and he spends hours after hours analysing even going to a movie.

Then you can very well imagine how he spent all these 3 years
to decide whether he can become a blogger.

Most of the people are too busy in analysing a project on how they can fail the project than exploring the ideas about how a project can be a success!

Of course one should undertake a study before starting something. But the research should only be a means and not an end in itself.

To me, the first is always the easiest to take and for many, it is the most hardest part.

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