Saturday, August 01, 2009

There is nobody there!

God is not hiding behind the clouds, showering wealth when asked for. There is nobody there passing on judgments that are viewed as either punishments or gifts as the case may be.

However, there is an energy prevailing over us, enveloping the atmosphere completely. The entire cosmos is shrouded by an energy that is all pure love and nothing but love.

The perceived good and bad events in our life are merely experiences required for our soul; in short, our soul draws the necessary happenings by our own deeds and thoughts.

It is the way we grow; it is programmed as such.

God wants us to commit mistakes so that we learn and refrain from repeating the same mistakes only because God loves us and wants us to grow to our natural self slowly through our several incarnations.

Our natural self is Godly.

The energy we send out through our thoughts is scientifically programmed to bounce back on us in higher proportions. Thus the good gets better and our bad gets back to us worse.

There is nobody out there except you and I and the Godly energy.

Image Cosmic Enery Connections

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Burl Barer said...

Enjoyed this post. I am one of those who, for numerous reasons, does not accept the concept of "incarnation," let alone "reincarnation." Rather than being incarnate, we manifest our qualities and attributes at this time via the vehicle of a physical form. We are not in our bodies like meat in a casing, nor like water in a glass. How about light in a mirror. Smashing the mirror does not effect the light. Also, and the realms, dimensions and worlds are without number and vast beyond comprehension, the idea what we return to this world of dust seems silly. Perhaps when we sever the connection between our light and our mirror (body) we will view this world and everything in it with the same degree of detachment we now regard the black in the eye of a dead ant. Coming back would be absurd. When we go, we move on to the next realm, taking our qualities and attributes with us..our true reality.