Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Free rare coins for all.

A four year old boy somehow lifted the heavy earthen pot and took it to his home unaware of the fact that he was carrying a big treasure. Yes, the pot contained ancient rare coins , all gold that were believed to belong to 16th Century.

On the way home, he spilled several coins that were picked by the villagers in remote Tamilnadu, India. The entire village was hunting for free rare gold coins.

When the Government officials got the news, they soon surrounded the villagers and demanded them to return their rare coins. The demand yielded several handfuls of rare coins but some obviously were hidden away.

I wonder how those poor villagers can encash their treasure without any knowledge of selling rare coins. They cannot even guess the worth of the gold coins.

Unless some educated youth among them approach Monaco Rare Coins, they have no way of selling the rare coins.

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Ps: news of treasure find reported in “Times of India” dt 7th July

Recovered rare coins
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