Friday, June 26, 2009

How to visualize effectively?

We read newspapers. We watch news in TV. We lend our ears willingly to hear news about person, places, events, books and movies. We stuff our built in (in our brain) hard disc to the maximum. We don’t realize that our RAM is no match to the amount of data stored to retrieve whenever we want to.

We feed unwanted data. We keep feeding poison without ever realizing that we are feeding our conscious and subconscious mind with high potent stuff.

The poison soaked data is doing more than we realize.

* It will interfere in our decisions in a negative way.

* It will not even let us set our goals by giving back to us bad news that resulted by setting the same goals set by others. Yes, our unconscious mind picked up so many horrors and bad news even though we were careful in filtering.

Do you know that conscious mind is incapable of filtering without proper training?

Do you know that there is unused potential because of all these unconscious programming?

Do you know of a way to strip off the scales deposited on your unconscious mind?

Do you know of a way to align both your conscious and unconscious mind so that both drive you safely to your goals?

This very important task of aligning can be achieved if we learn to visualize effectively.

Once, I too believed wrongly that visualizing is not my forte. How terribly wrong am I!

See, we all visualize constantly. We think in pictures-don’t we? Can we think just text, devoid of pictures?

Obviously not! We are all visualizing constantly but we are not doing it right. Otherwise, our life would have been very satisfying.

We simply need to learn to activate our Vision Board and make it to work for the betterment of us and for the benefit of the planet earth.

To sum it up:

We are also thinking what we don’t what to happen in our life.

We need to learn to think only what we want.

This essential learning method to think rightly is called effective visualization.

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James said...

Visualization can be a powerful force for change.

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