Thursday, March 12, 2009

The easiest way to manifest what you want.

Look, you ask for anything right now. Right now. Suppose, if you want more things, write out in a paper; list them out.

Give yourself 24 hours.

Now take your list out and go through one by one. Tick off them by reasoning out as to why you want a certain thing. Done? List is now short?

Put the shortened list away for another 24 hours. Again go through. Applying the same filtering of why you want anything, you might again score off some more. If not, it is quite alright dear.

Let me come to the point now. When you think about why you want something, you are mostly like to get it for two reasons.
* The cosmic force doesn't want to deprive you of your necessities.
* You also go soft on your inner resistance when you think on the lines of why you want.

But your resistance might surface when you look at your list of wants and you recognize somethings that you can do without. If you still persist with such things, you will increase your inner resistance like when will it come, how it will come, who will give you the means to buy them and so on.

Got my point?

This works; I swear!
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abzal said...

Nice process to work on inner resistance ) Worth a try..!

Anonymous said...

tis is called 'non-attachment'
1 ask-for
2 imagine
3 leave it with a balloon to the god